2015 Winners

The Higgs playground is an exhibit that allows users to experience that Eureka moment whilst learning about how physicists use the CMS experiment to collect evidence to support the Higgs Boson and other exotic particles. 
The Higgs playground exhibit is now a reality and can be found in the Peter Sharp room at point 5! Why not come and have a look and be inspired? 



1. Take a look at the Higgs Silhouette. This represents the idea that physicists felt something was missing from the standard model.
2. Can you think what shapes would fit best into the silhouette?
3. Have a look at the different data pieces coming from the CMS experiment. 
4. Is there a way these add up to fit your theory?
5. Test your theory using the shape tester

To find out more about CERN or CMS please have a look here (CERN) or here (CMS).

Trouver des BD Francaise, du LHC et du Higgs ici au ici!!

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