Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to be a fluent English speaker?

A working knowledge is recommended
How do I fill out the "Preferred Team Mate" section in the application?

This section has been made so that you can request to be in a team with people you know. Fill it with the names of the people you wish to work with. Each of you has to apply individually but this section will be taken into account when applicants are selected and put into teams. 

What If I am accepted but I have to cancel?

If for any reason you have to withdraw your application or cancel post selection please inform the organisers as quickly as possible. In this circumstance it may be possible to give your place to another applicant.

If my application is not successful will there be another opportunity?

Yes! We hope to run this event annually so you will be able to reapply next year. In future years preference will be given to applicants who were unsuccessful the previous year.
Will there be an audience during the event?

IdeaSquare, where the competition will be taking place, will be closed to the public for the duration of the competition. However we expect some CERN staff members to come and view the event.

How will the results be judged?

Each team will present their work to a panel of judges who will choose a winner. 

I will not be able to be at CERN during those dates. Is there another way I could be involved?

Facilities will be set up to support remote access for participants. If this doesn't interest you there are many ways you could be involved in helping the event to run smoothly. Please contact us and tell us what interests you. 

What Resources will be available to me during the event?

There will be a full workshop available to competitors plus advisers in fields such as:
  • 3D Printing 
  • Product Design
  • Workshop Technicians
  • Tourism professionals

All of these people will be able to help you in developing of your ideas. 
Laptop computers will not be provided so we ask where possible that participants bring their own.
A fully equipped kitchen will be available at IdeaSquare, as we all need to eat sometimes!

What materials will be available? 

Wood, cloth, 3D printing, lego blocks, electronic components, foam, Sugru, Pledoh, tape, cardboard and springs will all be available to participants. 

What about food?

A full kitchen is available at IdeaSquare. It is often the case that participants will buy ready meals from the local garage to cook. Of course restaurants 1 & 2 are also available.
Pizza and juice will be provided on Monday night and finger food Tuesday night so there is no need to plan for dinner.