33 Hours

Over the past few years the number of visitors to Point 5 has steadily increased to more than 78.000 during Long Shutdown 1. There is a demand for a visitor-operated exhibit to increase the interactivity of visits. In particular, this would boost engagement from children.

Who better to design such an exhibit than the young creative minds of CMS and IPAC design?
What better location than IdeaSquare and its extensive range of prototyping facilities? 
Topping it all participants will benefit from the enthusiastic contributions of French tourism professionals and Swiss product design experts who will be on hand throughout.

No prior knowledge or experience in product design is required, participants should bring with them their motivation, creativity and good spirit.

The product will be used to explain CMS to visitors. It does not have to give a holistic view, it could demonstrate a single aspect.
For Example:

  • Explaining the structure of CMS
  • Why it needs to be magnetic
  • How the superconductors work
  • Giving a general overview of what CMS is looking for
  • What is the importance of CMS?

Please bring as many ideas as you can to discuss and develop with your team. The examples above are just a few of countless possibilities.
Remember that you must turn your ideas into a fun and interesting product to be used by visitors at CMS. 


 Design Specification:

  • The design must clearly explain at least one aspect of CMS
  • The design should be for a piece of hardware
  • The design should be interesting and engaging 
  • The design should be accessible to adults and young people over the age of 12
  • The design should be created only within the team and with assistance from the supporting staff.

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